April 28th, 2023

Dear colleagues and friends,
We are excited to announce that our upcoming PCDE conference 15-17 June 2023 is now hybrid!

This means that you now have the opportunity to participate virtually, giving you more flexibility to interact and choose the best format that suits you.

We understand that many of you are eager to attend in person and connect with colleagues and peers face-to-face. At the same time, we also recognize that not everyone is able to travel for various reasons and it is harder to find financial support. A virtual format will provide a convenient option for those who cannot join us physically.

By going hybrid, we are committed to ensuring that everyone has an equal opportunity to participate and engage with our conference content. 

Information about virtual registration is available on the PCDE conference website. Make sure the conference dates are marked in your calendar and stay tuned for further updates. Find out more about PCDE conference 2023 and why it is the must-attend event for anyone involved in the prevention, treatment and management of diabetes and its related conditions here.
Thank you for your continued interest, and we look forward to seeing you, whether in person or virtually,  at the upcoming hybrid PCDE conference 15-17 June 2023.

Kind regards,

On behalf of the organising committee, 

Prof. Dr. Xavier Cos
Chair PCDE

Prof. Dr. Pinar Topsever

Scientific Secretary
Vice Chair PCDE

Dear Colleagues,

It is with great pleasure that PCDE invites you to the 16th International Primary Care Diabetes Europe Conference. 

This conference will take place on Thursday 15, Friday 16 and Saturday 17 June 2023, in the Barcelo Sants Hotel in Barcelona.
The conference had to be postponed due to pandemic travel restrictions, but now we are looking forward to meeting you again in person for this traditional PCDE CME event.

The theme of this conference is “New challenges for Primary Care in Diabetes Management”.
Primary care professionals are cornerstones in the care for people with diabetes, which is a prevalent chronic community-dwelling condition.
This brings along the need for continuous professional development (CPD) in the field of diabetes care, even more so after unexpected health crises like the Covid-19 pandemic.

Share experiences with your peers. Learn from the KOL’s in Primary Care Diabetes in Europe.
As a leading pan-European platform it is PCDE’s role to offer educational activities, developed by primary care professionals for primary care professionals. Issues like managing multimorbidity and integrated care in the context of diabetes, will be discussed.  This conference offers state-of-the-art lectures by leading authorities in diabetes. 

Poster Walk
Conference participants are invited to present research outcomes in the poster presentations and discuss the results with their peers during the Poster Walk sessions on Friday and Saturday. 

This conference is an educational programme not to be missed for primary care professionals involved in the management of people living with diabetes.

Warm regards on behalf of the organising and scientific committees,
On behalf of the PCDE Executive Board,

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Xavier Cos, Chairman
Prof. Dr. Pinar Topsever, Vice Chair