Number 11459

Tittle Assessing Depression Prevalence and Its Association with Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus in Primary Care: A Cross-Sectional Study from 9 residency training family health Units in Istanbul

Authors Pınar Topsever; ACU Family Medicine Research Steering Group

Number 11456

Tittle Charcot Neuroarthropathy in Type 2 Diabetes: Insights from Primary Care in Catalonia

Authors Judit Llussà Mijic; Magda Bundo; Bogdan Vlacho; Elena Navas; Josep Franch Nadal; Didac Mauricio

Number 11481

Tittle Could a time-restricted diet compete with a calorie-restricted 6-meal diet?

Authors Merve Yüzbaşıoğlu;Aclan Özder

Number 11393

Tittle Development of a web platform to improve the food habits of people with type 2 diabetes.

Authors Elena Roura; Alba Coll Pedragosa; Serafín Murillo; Marc Puig-Pey

Number 11192

Tittle Diabetes Prevalence in Screen-Detected Active Tuberculosis cases: A case-control study conducted with a Point Of Care Test

Authors Pınar Topsever; Eda Yaldirak; Sesin Kocagöz; Tanıl Kocagöz; ACU Family Medicine Research Steering Group

Number 11395


Authors Marija Glavinic Mijic; Marina Fiseković Kremić; Slobodanka Popović; Tamara Jemcov

Number 11317

Tittle DiabPeerS- Facilitating Peer-Support amongst people with Diabetes Type 2 via Instant Messaging Groups

Authors Ursula Hemetek; Elisabeth Höld; Tatjana Aubram

Number 11328

Tittle During pandemic and post pandemic period, the treatment process for individuals diagnosed with diabetes mellitus and its relationship with COVID-19 infection.

Authors Ecem Özyaprak Flores; Nazlı Hacıağaoğlu; Engin Ersin Şimşek

Number 11457

Tittle Enhancing the follow-up for patients with type 2 diabetes mellitus using a proactive scheduling computer tool: a paired cohort study

Authors Leonardo Méndez-Boo; Carolina Guiriguet; Mercè Bustos; Ermengol Coma; Eduardo Hermosilla; Roser Cantenys

Number 11421

Tittle Evaluation of family medicine residency dissertations on diabetes in Turkey

Authors Fatma Goksin Cihan; Hatice Kucukceran Nur Demirbas; Hilal Erfidan; Nazan Karaoglu

Number 11463

Tittle Evaluation of obesity-related articles in two Turkish family medicine journals

Authors Fatma Goksin Cihan; Nur Demirbas; Hatice Kucukceran; Sueda Temizturk; Nazan Karaoglu

Number 11464

Tittle Evaluation of the Effect of Liraglutide Used in Obesity Treatment on Quality of Life

Authors Duygu İlke YILDIRIM

Number 11381

Tittle Evaluation of Treatments Used and Vaccination Status in Diabetic Patients in Primary Health Care Center

Authors Yağmur Gökseven Abarca; Öznur Bayraktar Türker; Güzin Zeren Öztürk

Number 11431

Tittle Experiences and Challenges in Chronic Disease Care and Follow-up Among Diabetes Patients and Primary Care Physicians Following Earthquakes in Hatay, Turkey: A qualitative study


Number 11501

Tittle High-Resolution Consultation in Diabetes a new tool for Primary Care. 6 months later

Authors James Richard Moore; Ana Esteban Flores; Ana Maria Cebrian Cuenca; Juana Flores Torrecillas

Number 11340

Tittle Impact of inclusion of NT-proBNP as tool to identify an increased risk for heart failure in patients with type 2 diabetes mellitus: an exploratory and descriptive study in Primary Care

Authors Ana Cebrián; Ana Esteban Flores; Jose García Gómez; Alexandru Claudiu Coman; James Richard Moore; Luis García de Guadiana Romualdo

Number 11440

Tittle Improvement opportunity in screening and diagnosis of Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD) in patients with the main risk factors (diabetes and/or obesity) for this condition in Spain

Authors Nicolas Fernandez; Jose Maria Martinon Martinez; Aida Villarroel Vargas; Maria Garcia Castillo; Ana de Andrés Herrero; Aitziber Izarra Navarro

Number 11309

Tittle Investigating risk of Hypertension Onset and Progression in Diabetes patients using Markov Multistate model

Authors Puja Goswami; Dilip TR; Anjali Kulkarni; Shejul Yogesh

Number 11311

Tittle Investigation of Eating Disorders and Hypoglycemia Awareness in People with Type 2 Diabetes

Authors Lütfiye Kodaz; Sibel Tunç Karaman; Okcan Basat

Number 11434

Tittle Patient education and behaviour change interventions for people with cardiometabolic disease and low educational attainment, a systematic review

Authors Angharad Woolley Baspinar; Abbie Sumner; Monisha Gupta; Kamlesh Khunti; Samuel Seidu

Number 10863

Tittle Pre-diabetes remission in a coach-supported intervention study proposal

Authors Olaf Jensen

Number 11423

Tittle Preliminary Results Related to Smoking Recurrence and Quit Success among Patients with Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus: A Retrospective Study

Authors Melike Mercan Baspinar; Dersu Tas; Okcan Basat

Number 11387

Tittle Prevalence of Eating Disorder Risk and its Association with Sociodemographic Variables in Obese Adults

Authors Hilal Özkaya ; Sibel Baktır Altuntaş

Number 11469

Tittle Retrospective analysis of diabetes-related articles in two journals published by associations of family physicians in Turkey

Authors Nazan Karaoglu; Hatice Kucukceran; Nur Demirbas; Sena Nur Bilgili; Fatma Goksin Cihan

Number 11465

Tittle Targeted Health Outcomes and Components of Health Coaching for Asian Patients with Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus: A Scoping Review of Randomised Controlled Trials

Authors Nikhita Ramesan; Aloysius Chow; Eng Sing Lee

Number 10789

Tittle The Effect of Diabetes-Related Distress and Depressive Symptom Levels on Glycemic Regulation in Diabetic Patients: Primary Care Perspective

Authors Cansu ZENGIN; Yusuf C. DOGANER; Umit AYDOGAN

Number 11388

Tittle Three years after the pandemic, where do we stand on the control of glycated hemoglobin and the screening of complications of type 2 diabetes mellitus in Catalonia primary care?

Authors Leonardo Méndez-Boo; Núria Mora; Aina Mas Tena; Nemesio Moreno Millan; Elisabet Balló Peña; Mireia Fabregas Escurriola

Number 11419

Tittle Triglyceride glucose index risk marker for type 2 diabetes mellitus in patients with high blood pressure. Secondary Analysis.

Authors Ana Esteban; Miguel Angel Maria Tablado; Carmen Montejo Martinez; James Richard Moore; Ana Cristina Gonzalez Aparicio

Number 11341

Tittle When hyperglycemia improves vision, what are the refractive alterations in hyperosmolar diabetic decompensation?


Number 11416