The webcast is now available on PCDE Campus for delegates who registered for hybrid or virtual attendance of the conference. From 8th July the videos will be accessible for free for everyone


18.00h    Welcome reception and networking

DAY 2 - FRIDAY, 7 JUNE 2024

7.30h - 9.00h       Breakfast Satellite Symposium

9.00h - 9.15h       Opening ceremony and Agenda of the day

9.15h - 10.00h     Session 1. Residual risk in patients with multimorbidity (+info)

  • Chairs: Waqas Tahir and Francisco Manuel Adán
  • Nephrologist perspective - The Kidney: the risk amplifier - Per-Henrik Groop (Finland) 
  • Primary care perpectives  - Novel approaches to predicting CV risk & managing uncertainties: exploiting Artificial Intelligence - Carlos Brotons (Spain)

10.00h - 10.40h   Session 2. Oral presentation of best abstracts

  • Chair: Philippe Domeyer

10.45h - 11.30h   Coffee break and poster walk

11.30h - 12.20h   Session 3. PCDE & EASO JOINT SESSION (+info)

  • Chair: Gabriel Cuatrecasas and Volkan Yumuk
  • Primary care approach to obesity and MAFLD - Andreea Cuidin (Spain)
  • State of the art on the pharmacotherapy for obesity - Volkan Demirhan Yumuk (Turkey)

12.20h - 13.00h   Session 4. Paul Cromme lecture. Lifetime achievement award (+info)

  • Chairs: Pinar Topsever and Xavier Cos
  • 30 years of continuous quality improvement of Type 2 Diabetes care in Catalonia: from the GEDAPS audits to the SIDIAP population database -  Manel Mata (Spain)

13.00h - 14.30h   Lunch / Lunch Satellite Symposium

14.30h - 15.30h   Session 5. Keynote lecture. New horizons in incretin therapies (part 2) Multiple antagonists & agonists (+info)

  • Chair: Sam Seidu
  • New horizons in incretin therapies (part 2) Multiple antagonists & agonists - Timo Müller (Germany)

    15.30h - 16.20h   Session 6. Primary Care Diabetes Journal (+info)

    • Chairs: Alice Kong and Sam Seidu
    • Introduction of Primary Care Diabetes Journal by the Editor in Chief - Alice Kong (Hong Kong)
    • Top 5 in Diabetes (Best 5 Papers of the year in PCD Journal)

    16.20h - 16.40h   Session 7. Diabetes: An Approach from Food to the Kitchen (+info) - Alba Coll Pedragosa (Spain)

    16.40h - 17.00h   Summary of the day and closing remarks

    • Chairs: Bogdan Vlacho and Waqas Tahir

    17.00h - 18.30h   Afternoon Satellite Symposium

    DAY 3 - SATURDAY, 8 JUNE 2024

    8.15h - 9.15h       Breakfast Satellite Symposium

    9.30h - 10.15h     Poster Walk

    10.15h - 11.00h   Session 8. Health inequalities (+info)

    • Chair: Banshi Saboo
    • Exploring diabetes inequalities: a population-based socioeconomic perspective - José Luis Peñalvo (Spain)
    • Beating health inequalities: Ensuring diversity competent care by inclusive clinical research - Kamlesh Khunti (UK)

    11.00h - 11.45h  Coffee break

    11.45h - 12.30h  Session 9. Closing Keynote lecture: What's new in diabetes trials? (+info)

    • Chair: Xavier Cos
    • Update on relevant Cardio-reno-metabolic trials - Melanie Davies (UK) 

    12.30h - 12.45h  Summary of the day and Closing ceremony

    • Chairs: Pinar Topsever and Xavier Cos

    12.45h  Informal drinks and tapas